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“Seventeen years ago, when our micro-preemie son was injured by vaccines months before he was even supposed to be born, we had no idea anything positive would come from it,” says co-founder Nancy. Yet it was that incident that awakened her and her husband/co-founder Dave and spurred them on down a path of healing through diet and supplementation.

This was a long, hard journey but as the years passed, we started seeing positive results and realized that these keys of diet and supplementation really did work. We knew there were so many others dealing with similar health issues that could be helped with this knowledge, and we decided, almost 15 years ago, to focus our full-time efforts on creating healing formulas that could help improve lives.

Since then, we’ve been fortunate to have worked with so many brilliant people and have assembled a team of experts that help drive every decision and discovery. This has prepared us for what would become our greatest challenge: helping to reverse the damages inflicted on the majority of the western world over the past 3 years.

As Nancy shared, “with the experience we went through with our son, we probably had a little more clarity than the average person, into the events of the past few years. This allowed us to protect our family, and now to hopefully protect whole communities. We understand the suffering these types of injuries can inflict on families, and if we can help just one family, it’s been worth the journey. ” That journey is also where the company gained its name, Warrior Essentials, reaching back to its Warrior Mom genesis.

It is our promise to keep pushing forward, finding and sharing formulas, treatments and protocols that use the intelligent design of the body to heal itself and spread the gift of better health. We now realize how the hardships we’ve overcome were really blessings that have positioned us to help so many. Our wish is health and happiness for all. 

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